Why People Struggle and How Not To

We live in a world where opportunities are endless and responsibilities can be overbearing.  Computers, cell phones, family, career and even volunteering along with everything else in between!  Just a decade ago we lacked the ability to be in connection with people instantly and to see what’s happening with people we don’t even know.

On an energetic and intellectual level this can feel amazing to have so many things to explore or pursue.  Unfortunately, it can also be exhausting.

For me, as a credentialed medium, published author and board certified drugless practitioner – I’ve been able to speak to women from all around the globe to give intuitive guidance and support to get unstuck and end the struggle with whatever they’re facing.  Sometimes it’s in the area of relationships, when I started out years ago the key issue was weight, and more recently women are worried about their careers and money.

In my work, I’ve noticed a ONE KEY THING.  A pattern if you will, that seems to repeat itself over and over again.

Women struggling.  Not knowing what to do.  Wondering how to lose weight.  Wanting to feel better.  Curious why life seems so difficult and generally just not feeling good.

So I wanted to make 2018 easy for you by sharing why we struggle and how not to.  Here we go!


  1.  The Waiting Game–  We wait and as a result we can gain weight.  The time spent waiting begins to weigh us down physically, emotionally, energetically and even spiritually.  And when we don’t take action, the struggle ensues.
  2. The Inability to Ask for Help Mindset-  I think we can all relate to this one easily.  As women many of us were brought up to believe we just have to do it ourselves.  It’s time to change that way of thinking especially when we can see that other’s really do want to help and take joy in the giving.
  3. The Confusion or Lack of Clarity Plague–  If you feel plagued or perplexed and can’t seem to make your way then clarity is a BIG issue for you.  But no need to worry because help is here.

It would be cruel to leave you right here only giving you the reasons we as women struggle.

So I’m inviting you to take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, relax and turn the corners of your mouth up a little bit.  (SMILE)

Here’s your solution how not to struggle.

Stop waiting.  Ask for help.  Notice when you feel confused.

If struggle still feels real then there’s one thing you MUST do in order to end your pain and it’s this:


So, if this is you – you feel like you’re waiting,

or you don’t know how to ask for help

or you feel confused and lack clarity

I invite you to stop struggling now by grabbing a Clarity Session with me free.  Just click HERE and you’ll be taken to my scheduling page.

In the meantime, until we speak be sure to breathe, relax and maybe even meditate a few minutes during the day.

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The Bloated Empath’s Belly

The following is a chapter from my book “The Windows of Awareness: A Spiritual Guide to End Emotional Eating…and Life the Life of Your Dreams!”

“Intuition, nutrition, and digestion are inseparably linked.  Compartmentalizing any of these three results in disconnection and dis-ease.” ~ M.J. Briggs

I went round and round with the writing of this chapter.  Where to begin…what to say…how to proceed?  It was like trying to figure out how to choose foods that would nourish me completely.  On one hand, I didn’t know where to begin, yet on the other I knew completely what needed to be done.  I needed to find the truth about food and why I felt so fed up, full, and completely uneasy about it.  I craved a clarity and wanted to end my suffering.  I was ready to make a change, but simply didn’t know how.  One that would honor what I truly desired to become yet met me where I was in the present moment.


For clarity’s sake I will repeat myself by saying this:  “Intuition, nutrition, and digestion are inseparably linked.”  You can, of course, try to compartmentalize these three and the result will be disconnection and dis-ease.  We are all born with intuition.  It is part of our innate intelligence and a birth right to be honored, employed, and enjoyed to its fullest.

My Story

I wanted to eat intuitively, but instead I ate out of desperation and with much destruction.  The nurses, nutritionists, and doctors I saw before, during, and after rehab said intuitive eating would never be an option for me.  Even mentioning it was taboo, a sort of defiance towards my treatment plan, and I eventually came to realize not many knew about the unbreakable link between the three.

Logically I knew I had  a problem with food.  I felt frustrated, fed up, and completely bewildered each time I had to choose a food to eat.  And quite frankly, it was simpler to starve rather than face the pain of choosing what might nourish me.  What baffled me through was why others could eat intuitively and I couldn’t.  Why did I struggle and they didn’t?  I was unbelievabl intrigued by my ability to eat naturally and without frustration intermittently throughout my 25 year battle with food.  This puzzling piece was brought to the surface during m initial intake at Avalon Centers in 2003 and is partially responsible for prompting me to seek the support my body, mind, and soul had longed for.

In November 2003, I admitted myself into rehab.  It was a partial hospitalization program that included intense therapy from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and housing provided off-site.  This gave me the structure I needed and the space I desired to grow and explore my unique needs outside of treatment.

Struggling to raise three children in the midst of a devastating divorce and tumultuous custody battles, this was logically not the right thing to do, yet I was dying inside from what I was doing to myself.  I feared for my future.  If I didn’t go to rehab I knew I could die.  Vomiting up to eight times daily was taking its toll on me.  My teeth were already wearing away.  My glands were constantly swollen and the threat of an esophageal tear loomed every time I painfully purged.  Committing to take this big step had just one big risk.  Would I lose my boys?  My ex-husband was looking to leverage anything he could to take them away from me.

I weighed the options over and over again in my head.  Go to rehab and change the course of my life, or stat home and manage more of the same.  Risk losing my boys, or risk losing my life.  In my mind, the idea of losing custody of my three sons was equal to losing my life.

Yet in the quiet of the night some thing simply told me rehab was the right thing to do.  If I didn’t get the help I longed for I knew I’d miss out on the full expression of my life…whatever that was.  I did the math and counted backwards to be sure I was bulimic enough to seek professional assistance.  I binged and purged at least twice daily, and sometimes I could make it through a day without an episode.  To make sure I was absolutely, positively bulimic enough to enter rehab, I painstakingly wrote out the number of times I binged and purged, but never included my worse days which entailed visiting the toilet up to eight times in a single day.  Yet in some small way I wanted to be sure I wasn’t fooling myself.  This is what the page looked like:

Monday =          0

Tuesday =         2

Wednesday =  2

Thursday =      2

Friday =           2

Saturday =      2

Weekly =       12

Monthly =    48

Yearly =       576

I was binging and purging twelve times per week.  This really didn’t seem so bad, but once I saw how often my behaviors took place on a monthly and yearly basis, I knew my problem was serious.

So I decided to play with the numbers.  Tweak them a bit and pretend I only binged and purged three times per week.  Pretending was something I loved to do.  Pretend I could eat as much as I wanted without getting fat.  Pretend I could vomit and act like I hadn’t.  Pretend I was happy when  I wasn’t.  Why not pretend that my problem wasn’t so bad?  So I re-did the math.  Three episodes per week equaled just twelve episodes per month.  Over the course of a full year this was just 144 binges and purges.  The next thing I did was ask myself if a normal person could vomit 144 times per year.  I had no answer for that question, but my guess was probably not.  Unable to fool myself any longer, I knew both intuitively and logically my time had arrived.  And when my heart spoke to me in the quiet of the night I knew my answer.

Initially, I planned to take a brief leave from my job where I worked as a sexual abuse investigator and commute back and forth to rehab.  This would guarantee my secrecy about the dis-ease and would not require I tell any of my family or friends.  But after just two days of treatment, I was exhausted from the commute and nightly responsibilities of caring for three boys after such intense day therapy.  In order to benefit completely, I was going to have to commit fully.  That would entail living at the rehab house and disclosing my whereabouts.  The idea of hiding my admission seemed the same as hiding my bulimia, and created that uncomfortable feeling of secrecy making my stomach churn.

The only real obstacle that kept me from residing at the rehab house was finding a place for my boys to stay.  In a perfect world their father would be my first choice, but since he already enjoyed liberal visitation, including 14 overnights per month, the boys preferred to stay home.  (

End of post #1)

Post #2

So I decided to ask the only other resource I had to rely on: my parents.  They, of course, had no clue I was still struggling with an eating disorder.  Fifteen years had passed since my mother walked out of my therapist’s office, demanding my father follow her to avoid hearing how they ight support me in overcoming this nagging dis-ease.

Something told me they’d respond differently this time.  Still wounded from my parent’s previous rejection, all I ever really wanted was their support, understanding, and love.  With nothing to lose, I candidly invited them oter to my place on the third evening of rehab.  I was sufficiently prepared by the Avalon staff to confidently ask and even perhaps enlist my parents support without escaping into a feeding frenzy to manage my fears.

Whey my mom and dad arrived at my house, we sat comfortably on the couch and I began by simply sharing my decision to get the professional help I had needed all along.  I explained my feelings of overwhelm and told them what I needed.  To this day, 10 years later, I can still see the look on my mother’s face.  She seemed sincerely concerned and gently asked,

“Do you think this place can really help you?” to which I confidently replied, “Yes.”

My father, of course, had a much funnier response.  A tall man with a bit of an oversized belly at times, he wanted to know why he wasn’t at all concerned with his weight when indeed he felt he should be.  And my response to himwas simply a smile.

The next morning I sent the boys off to school and left for Avalon.  It was Thursday and I would be living at the rehab house beginning the following Monday.  My parents agreed to care for the boys on the days they didn’t visit their father and I agreed to return home for weekends.  Life seemed better.  I was relieved and a plan was set in place.

Monday arrived and I was packed and ready to leave for the week.  I knew in my gut this was exactly what needed to be done.  I drove the boys to school, kissed them good-bye, and reminded them that their grandparents would be caring for them while I was away for the week.  When I drove off I felt confused yet proud of myself for taking the time I needed to heal and become free.  My wait was over and I was about to reclaim my health after 25 years of struggling.  But I couldn’t stop feeling ashamed of myself as well.  Shouldn’t I be caring for my children instead of me?  Did I want too much?  What was wrong with me anyway?

The questions that kept popping into my head created excruciating over whelm.  I thought, “Maybe I’mnot bulimic after all.  It’s not like I even have a real diagnosis since Eating Disorder Not Other Wise Specified (EDNOS) was not widely recognized.”   I wanted this mental mayhem to stop, but didn’t know how.  As I searched for relief I entertained the idea ofjust one last binge.  After all, I was making a huge commitment and certainly one last episode couldn’t possibly hurt.  I began to think of all the yummy things I could binge on.  Cookies, brownies, coffee, ice cream, and maybe even some cereal.  Of course, I’d need some liquid to wash it all down in order to bring it all back up again.

Overwhelmed from all the planning and afraid that I’d sound like a fraud once I arrived at the center for my first full week, I pulled my car over, closed my eyes, and caught my breath.  The act of simply allowing myself to “be” kept the feelings of overwhelm from flooding my psyche.  After just a few minutes of presence for myself, I got back on the road and drove to Avalon without worry or incident.

Day treatment began at 8:00 am with breakfast served under staff supervision.  Lunch was also supervised as each patient carefully weighted, prepared, and sometimes painfully ate means.  We each had our own meal plan and the staff was responsible for shopping and stocking the fridge.  Dinner was done differently.  At 5:00 pm, when the treatment center closed for the night, we could do whatever we wanted.  I chose to eat at the off-site house to see if I could duplicate the supportive experience of meal prep I enjoyed at day-hab.

At our nightly dinnertime, the fridge at the house was empty.  The staff left it up to each patient to shop for her own food.  This was good because it gave us a sense of power and control over choosing our foods.  And yet it was also bad since a binge can often begin with a grand plan made at the grocery store.  I didn’t want to run amuck and binge my first dinner away from home, but I was scared and fear tended to create feeding frenzies for me while at the grocery store.

I knew I needed help so before I left rehab for the day I spoke with the staff.  The simple act of sharing my concern started to free me from my fears.  With a specific list and my meal plan in hand, I headed to wegman’s, a local grocery store.  I entered the store with complete confidence and selected foods that were provided to me on my list from at the treatment center.  Pre-cooked chicken, a few cans of tuna, some whole wheat bread, granola cereal, soy milk, canned veggies, and of course my favorite thing, peanut butter.  As I made my way through the aisles of the store, I became anxious.  I kept looking down into my care wondering why I didn’t haved more food.  How the heck could I survive on just these few things?  I thought for a moment that perhaps I should be cooking real foods – things they cook on TV uing fresh, natural ingredients.  The only problem was that I had no idea what was fresh or what was natural, nor did I know how to cook, and no one on my treatment team seemed to address these issues!

With a deep desire to do better, I strolled through the produce aisle.  Amidst the many strands of fruits was a display of tine little teddy bears.  Feeling uneasy already from the overwhelm of choosing foods, I was growing weary and on the verge of tears.  As I proceeded beyond these tiny furry creatures, one little bear stuck out from the rest.  Two inches tall, sporting a little red sweater with the word “Peace” written across its chest, it was enough to tip me over the edge.

Overwhelmed and tired from the slew of decisions and time it took to shop for just 15 things, I fell to pieces!  I picked up that precious bear and held it to my heart, yearning for the feeling of peace my grandmother used to provide me with when she was alive.  Since her passing five years prior, my life had not been the same.  I bought the bear and the items in my cart as quickly as I could and escaped without having to share with the check-out person why I was sobbing so badly.

Once in my ar I tried to regain my composure.  When I couldn’t, I called my mother, hysterical and in tears because I could not find my way.  Shopping, eating, cooking, feeling – it all seemed like such a chore.

(End of post #2)

The THREE Reasons We Get Sick & Why It’s a Good Sign

Do you become upset when you get sick or begin to feel ill?

Ever get headaches, migraines, upset stomach or depression?  Or how about debilitating backaches, panic attacks or even cancer?  I personally have suffered with all of these except cancer and what I’ve discovered is something very interesting.

Disease comes from just one of three places.  Yup.  That’s right.  In most cases, if we honestly think about our steps leading up to an illness, we can pinpoint where or why we began to feel sick.

For example, when I was a young child my parents took me with them everywhere.  Shopping, siblings sporting events, church functions, to visit family and so much more.  And at least a few times per month (if not more) I would get sick.

I started with a stomach ache followed by other symptoms depending upon how exhausted I had become.

To this day, if I do too much stuff I get run down.  Now I realize you may not have the same experience.  And for this I am so very happy.  This is because each body is different.  Some people can tolerate more activity because they have a stronger energy field or genetic makeup.

For people like me who are incredibly intuitive and operate as empaths’, we must be mindful and protective of our energy staying in balance and maintaining our centers.

But let me get back to my original concept that sickness is a good sign and that it originates from one to three places.

Now before you start to argue with me I’d like you to just read without judgment.  And by the end of this post I think you’ll see why sickness is a sign that holds the power to support your Soul’s highest purpose helping to get your body and mind well again.

So, why do we get sick?  The answer is quite simple.

It’s because something we’ve done on some level created an imbalance.  Eating or drinking things that are not good for us or eating too much of something is the first and most obvious culprit.  (It’s the easy one to figure out but probably the hardest to change.)


Before I share with you the other two reasons for getting sick, I’d like you to think of the most joyful time of your life.  See it in your minds eye and notice how your body feels.  Now imagine if you walked around feeling that way each and every day!  I’ve actually done this and I can tell you it creates a very magical way of living.

This vibrational energy is pure potential and I want you to remember this.

Now let’s take a very brief moment to think of the worst thing that could happen to you or a loved one.  STOP.  Notice how your energy just dropped.  Maybe you even feel sick or depressed in this very moment.  This is because your vibration shifted into a zone where sickness is more apt to begin.

Before I tell you the third reason we get sick let me recap.

Food is probably the number one reason we get sick.  Second, our thoughts make us sick as well by changing our vibration to either support our health or hinder it.

The third reason we get sick is probably my favorite and the most powerful one.

Here it is:  Your SOUL is trying to communicate with you.

I know there’s alot of research to backup my first two reasons.  The third is a bit more controversial.  Here’s my reasoning for why illness could be a sign that your Soul is trying to communicate with you.

Your Soul is housed within your body.  It is tied and intertwined to forces that go beyond most people’s ability to comprehend.  When we are on the wrong path, our Soul will do what it must to get our attention.  And this includes sickness.

The bottom line is this:  When you begin to feel ill look at what you’re eating, what you’re thinking and if you’re living the life God, Spirit or the Universe has planned for you.

And when you aren’t able to do this on your own, seek guidance from someone you trust who has the ability to guide you.

Six Health Related Reasons for Weight Gain & One Thing to Solve It

Six Health Related Reasons for Weight Gain & One Thing to Solve It

The majority of people are overweight or struggling with some sort of health issue that seems impossible to solve.

We cut back on calories, try to eat clean, cut back on fast food and still many people can’t lose the weight they’d love to or need to in order to feel better.

Recently I wrote an article on Mindset and stated that losing weight is all about mindset.  And it is….for some people.

If you’re like me, once my mindset couldn’t get me to a place where the changes I knew I needed to make created the results I wanted (ie..weight loss!) I had to look deeper into the root cause.

Here are six health related reasons for weight gain that could be at the root of your weight struggles.


If you are taking an anti-depressant aimed at improving your mood and appetite, then weight gain will likely be on the long list of potential side effects.  And if your depression symptoms worsen or go untreated, weight gain can also occur due to stress on the body.

Lack of Sleep

When your body is robbed of ZZZZZ’s it needs to find energy somewhere.  The easiest place to find the needed energy is found in fast, convenient foods and late night snacking.  And because sleep is needed to maintain healthy biochemical balance in the body, if you’re sleep deprived you are more likely to experience an increase in appetite for starchy, fatty and sugary foods.


This disease occurs when the thyroid becomes underactive or fatigues entirely (meaning it stops producing adequate thyroid hormone.)  As a result your metabolism will decrease leading to a high risk of packing on pounds for no apparent reason.  However, the associated symptoms of hypothyroidism- which include fatigue, depression and coldness in the extremities – may lead you to believe that something isn’t quite right.

Cushing’s Syndrome

Cortisol ( the fight or flight hormone) is usually emitted during times of extreme stress or trauma.  However, people with Custing’s syndrome emit elevated levels of cortisol constantly – or have been prescribed oral corticosteroid meds for conditions like arthritis and lupus.  Prolonged exposure to high levels of cortisol will eventually lead to a condition known as hypercortisolism, which causes weight gain, particularly around the face, neck, and waist.  Other symptoms of Cushings syndrome include dark purple stretch marks, bone loss, and high blood pressure.

Other Medications

Many types of prescription drugs can cause unexplained weight gain.  Steroid-type meds (such as prednisone) often lead to excess water retention in areas of the face or abdomen.  Drugs prescribed for migraines, diabetes, and seizures may cause weight gain or increase mood and appetite once the treatment begins working.


Cortisol is again at work here.  Cortisol is known as the stress hormone.  When you feel stressed out or not in control, eating is one way to gain control back.  And while the cortisol hormone does not cause hunger, it’s what youreach for that matters.  Most of us will go for convenience and comfort foods that are full of refined carbs, sugars and trans fats that quickly calm us during times of high anxiety.

Before you begin to feel completely helpless, let me put you at ease.  The six health related reasons for weight gain no longer need to be a burden to you.  In my decade long journey to create natural health and unbelievable happiness I’ve gone through am amazing transformation.

And I’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t.  In my book Windows of Awareness: A Spiritual Guide to End Emotional Eating…and Live the Life of Your Dreams I mention that the belly has it’s own brain.

In fact, the belly brain has more neurotransmitters and serotonin than the brain in your head!

I’m not going to get into the science of it because even if you know the science, experience is what will create your needed sustained change to drop the weight and ultimately help you to mend and even solve those health problems I listed above, for good!

The one thing I’m talking about is Probiotics.  Now not any old brand will do.  And if you have certain types of health issues, then you’ll want some other very specific things to go with your probiotics.

To learn how to buy the right probiotic let’s chat for 15 minutes and you’ll discover what will work best for your unique needs.

Then if you need more help, email me at msmaryjobriggsaustin@gmail.com




Why Weight Loss Is All About Your Mindset

Why Weight Loss Is All About Your Mindset

Weight loss is unlike any other endeavor. The things that people have to go through to lose weight are more drastic than what they would have to go through to change other features of their physical appearance.

Many of the other dietary conditions are easy to fix and simply require one or two changes, like a low sodium diet, or cutting out gassy foods.

Unlike other dietary conditions like IBS or GERD, changing your diet to lose weight takes a significant mental element. Tons of plans, groups, shakes, supplements, and ideas surround weight loss. It can be overwhelming. When treating a dietary condition like GERD cutting out acidic foods and taking an antacid will produce immediate results. When you reduce your caloric intake, you don’t get those same results.

Don’t Expect Instant Results

People gained weight over a long period of time. If their weight is extremely high, it has taken them decades to get to their weight. For some reason, people get a mindset that their weight loss will be instant. Web M.D. tells that healthy weight loss is about 1-2lbs a week and not the 20-30lbs. That many people have come to expect.

Realizing that you will only lose 1-2 lbs. a week from the beginning will stop you from getting frustrated and giving up. Setting the right expectation when you go into your new diet and exercise program will help ensure that you retain your motivation as time goes on.

Think It Over

With fast food drive through meals and families sitting around the TV for supper, thinking about eating isn’t something that we do. Utilizing some brain power before you dig in is something that health.com recommends everyone does. Pausing before you decide to eat and thinking about the nutritional value or the impact on your diet and weight loss will give you the time to make an actual decision about your food choices.

Many times people do not think about their food. They automatically eat. At work, they pass the office candy dish, and they grab a handful without even realizing that they did it. Use the take 5 concept and make yourself think about your food for five minutes before you pop it in your mouth. You may decide that the morning doughnut or the evening take away is not worth it. These small decisions will lead to big differences in weight loss.

Use Your Mistakes To Learn

Often when people make mistakes on a diet, they derail their entire diet. The whole diet seems to get flushed down the toilet. You have a doughnut at the morning office meeting because you skipped breakfast. Then you have two choices.

Give up because you have “no self-control” and eat junk for the rest of the day. Repeat this mistake of not eating breakfast again and the cycle continues.

Set your mind to learn from your mistake of not eating breakfast. Eat a healthy breakfast every morning so that you can avoid the junk food at the morning office meeting.

Your mindset about your mistakes will determine how you handle setbacks, whether it is slipping on your diet or a setback on the scale. Maintaining a positive attitude will help you avoid the common motivational pitfalls that everyone suffers when on a long journey of weight loss. The Huffington Post urges its readers not to beat themselves up but to gain self-knowledge so that they can grow and learn.

No matter what big changes you are trying to make, letting your attitude get in the way of your success will only slow you down. Make sure that you show yourself patience because weight loss takes time. Thinking about food choices before you make them is the right mindset to have to succeed at your goals.

Finally, learn from your mistakes don’t let them derail your progress. If you can keep your mindset focused on these three things, you are bound for success.

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What is Unresolved Trauma and Why Should I Care?

Trauma defined is a deeply disturbing experience.  It can be a physical injury or an experience that affected you mentally or emotionally.

Physical trauma is quite obvious.  Emotional or mental trauma can be much harder to see and because of this it often goes undiagnosed.

Luckily, there are signs that trauma could be holding you back from living the life you’ve always wanted.

  1. Procrastination
  2. Depression or anxiety
  3. Unexplained chronic pain
  4. Isolation
  5. Addiction or obsessing and of course there are more!

I remember being told years ago when my grandmother passed away I was just taking longer to go through the stages of grief and healing.  They are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, not in that order always.)

The really interesting thing is this:

I knew exactly why I was not working through the grief I felt.  And when I told the therapist, she had no clue or understanding as to how to help me.  It was very frustrating and in the end highly time consuming and expensive!

The real issue that most people need to have solved is typically something that traditional therapists and even highly trained clergy miss!

This is the SOLUTION:

Compassionate open hearted therapy that takes into consideration the brain, the body and the mind in the healing of trauma.

One of the biggest challenges I struggled with when my grandma passed was that for my entire life (39 years) I had simply wanted to sit in her presence without the cloud of sexual abuse hanging over my head.

You see her son had abused me for about a decade.  Once she passed, that dream was shattered.  Now, my brain knew that logically there was no way I could have that opportunity.  My mind, well it struggled and did alot of bargaining with God.  But the real issue was my body!

You see over the years, my body had bought into the idea that I could eventually have what it truly desired and my imagination even played along giving my body the feeling it needed to be happy. For me this was survival!

When the devastating news came that she had passed, I was crushed!  I remember telling people I felt like Humpty Dumpty except that there were no kings horses or men that cold put me back together again.

Well, thank God I was wrong!


I can’t tell you the story of exactly how I brought to me the things I needed to have that experience I truly needed with my grandmother because it’s too long for this blog post, but I have put together a list of the top five things I did to work through the unresolved trauma so I could move forward with my life.



  1. Meditate by simply focusing on your breath
  2. Increase Prana by creating space to breath consciously twice daily
  3. Allow yourself to feel, to relax, to just BE
  4. Cry because emotions are released that way
  5. Get support by someone who’s been in your shoes

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How to Allow Divine Guidance Into Your Life & Get The Solutions You Need Instantly!

Teaching people new concepts is one of my favorite things.  This is because I love to entertain and to do this I use the power of story.

The following is an excerpt from one of my books.  It’s a story about my relationship to food.  More importantly, it illustrates how Spirit and Spirit communication takes place in my life giving me the direction I need to do my work and live happily in a world that, at times, can seem so very cruel and unkind.

And I’m quite sure it will work for you too!

“Intentional Transformation & Your Power to Be Free”

It was July of 2012, and I had a workshop to write.  “The Spirituality of Food” was the topic.  The entire outline of the workshop was channeled to me from Spirit the summer before I even knew what channeling was.

I loved giving presentations, but since the brain injury I had struggled with putting things together in a logical, linear way.  “Why did I sign up to give this talk?”  I wondered.

I had no idea how to begin.  In my bulimic days I’d simply run to food to calm my fears, and eventually purge to give that boost of endorphins I deeply needed to proceed.

But with those days over I needed to find a new way.  I gathered information and tried putting it together.  That didn’t work, and besides, I wasn’t even sure what I was supposed to be writing about!

The harder I tried to logically organize and linearly create my workshop, the more impossible the task became.

I was hugely confused!

I looked at the outline over and over again.  My heart told me I was being divinely guided to share how I had overcome many life obstacles, not just bulimia and emotional eating.  But I lacked clear insight into how I achieved these things.

So what I did was lay in bed ready to set my intention for the day.  I let my heart speak.  “I intend to allow Spirit to show me how to begin creating my presentation.”  And by the time my toes touched the floor I saw a pyramid.

Intrigued, I hurried to my computer and learned some fascinating bits of ancient information.  As I explored the secrets of the Great Pyramid, I discovered the golden ratio.


The golden ratio is a symbol of balance and harmony between moderation and excess.  This ratio is present through all of nature.  As I dug deeper I found the spiral of nourishment, which, like the pyramids, is based on the golden ratio.

Uncovering this information helped me realize that the very things I was doing to improve my health were based on the golden ratio and the spiral of nourishment.

The secret of the spiral lies in the ratio of what we need to consume to create health and vitality.

Two key ingredients in the spiral, which mainstream medicine seldom mentions, are air (section labeled 34) and water (section labeled 21).

By assigning elements to portions of the spiral it is easy to see how proper nutrition is crucial to the human body.

Air is the first and most important element and it occupies the largest part of the spiral.  Water is the next element and occupies the second largest box.  (The other sections of the spiral are home to elements such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats and a few other things.)

Breath establishes life, and without it life ends.  You can only go a few minutes without breath and not more than a day or two without water.

Focused, intentional breathing and plentiful, pure water made it easier for me to reprogram my mind, release limiting beliefs, manage my pain, and choose to consume things that truly nourished me on all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, and mental.

What I ate mattered.

And what you eat matters too!

Eating organic, clean foods 90 percent of the time helped me transform my mind and body, igniting my intuition quickly.  Why I had eaten with reckless abandon was more difficult to figure out, but obviously not impossible.  I viewed my recovery as a process, not an event.  A journey to allow myself to be free!


I realize you’re probably wondering exactly how this process of letting Spirit speak to really works.  And I want you to know it’s easier than you think and extremely simple!

This is what you do:    ASK for what you need.

Yes it’s that easy.  You see, most people don’t realize that it’s in the energy of asking by simply setting daily intentions that can bring you what you need.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Try it for yourself.  Tomorrow morning before you step out of bed, set a simple intention.  Let it come from your heart.  It will flow freely.  Write it down and then be mindful of it throughout the day.

I promise, your life will begin to shift and answers you need will come instantly.

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Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize

This is taken from the Sivananda Chant Book known as KIRTAN.

If you visit the Ashram you will sing and chant from this powerful book and understand on an energy level, what living in ONENESS is all about.

While at yoga training three years ago we sang this song.  You do not need to sing it to gain benefit from it.  Instead, simply say these words out loud perhaps three times in a row.  Then sit inside the beauty of it.


Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize

Be Good, Do Good, Be Kind,

Be Compassionate

Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate

Bear Insult, Bear Injury, Highest Sadhana

Bear Insult, Bear Injury, Highest Yoga

Enquire “Who Am I?”

Know Thy Self And Be Free

You Will Soon Attain Immortality

Om Tat Sat, Om Tat Sat, Om Tat Sat Om

On Shanti, Om Peace, Om Shalom Om


One way to use this chant is to simply sing it or say it and know that you don’t need to completely understand it in order to benefit from the peace it is meant to help you feel.

Try it and share your experience.

“The Eight Ways” to Get Unstuck & Live an Intentional Life

You may not know this, but I used to be unbelievably BULIMIC!  It began at age 14 and did not end until I went to rehab at age 37!

Yes, that’s right. TWENTY-THREE years of vomiting sometimes up to eight times per day.

I was very unhealthy.  There are many reasons for it.  Upbringing.

Serotonin deficiency.

Depression.  Food allergies.

Cultural things.

And the biggest reason:     FEAR!


Luckily, several things saved me from almost killing myself from the effects of this incredibly debilitating disease and way of living.

For me, writing was the biggest thing that brought me relief and gave me great insight.

So today I want to tell you two things.

First,  what my definition of bulimia is.

Secondly, my tools aka “The Eight Ways” I used to get unstuck so I could continue making my dreams come true!

And when I say “making my dreams come true I mean traveling to Caribbean islands many times per year since my bulimia recovery and having the freedom to do what I truly love!

So here goes.

Don’t worry this isn’t that long and it’s not rocket science either.  Just some simple things that came to me during enlightening times.

The DSM-IV has a very clinical explanation of bulimia.  I’m not even going there although I do have a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling & Education.

Mine makes much more sense and guarantees that once understood, anyone can use it as a way to make unbelievable and powerful change in their life.

Bulimia is this:  

Bulimia Redefined

Based on my definition I think you can agree that most of us are at least a little bit bulimic.

If you are an entrepreneur, author or coach of some sort, then I’m sure you’ve felt stuck and had beliefs creep up on you that do not serve your purpose and limit your ability to live life on your terms or even bring in money.  (You know that green stuff we all need to pay the bills and go to fun places with?)

This brings me to my second point:  “The Eight Ways” to getting unstuck.

But before I give them to you I want to say something.

The world is a very changing place right now.  More people are beginning to meditate and yoga is becoming commonplace.

Thoughts can become things and we are able to manifest stuff at a much faster pace than ever before.  Because of this we must all be very careful with what we hold in our minds.

You see thoughts create feelings.

Feelings create actions.

Beliefs lead to behaviors.

And behaviors can be very hard to change.  I can attest to that for sure!  T

here were so many days I’d proclaim I’d do something different like not throw up or eat tons of sweets or make a necessary phone call for my nutrition business.

Yet, I failed miserably.  Until I discovered

“The Eight Ways”

They came to me in my darkest time of need by being very present and doing the following things:

Way #1Do not let problems define you.  This will only keep you stuck.                     Instead, take a wider perspective that will allow you to become                     aware of the vast array of opportunities that every challenging                     behavior or situation presents.

Way #2 Begin expressing gratitude for something or someone regularly.                  This will enhance your connection to God or the Universal                            Source.

Way #3 Set daily intentions.  They are powerful beyond belief.  I am                          living proof.

Way #4Explore organic and whole-food options.  Eating foods that have                  only five ingredients or less will shift your vibration and create                    vibrant health.  This will change your life in magical ways.

Way #5 Listen to your heart.  It knows your truest desires and rarely                        leads you astray.

Way #6Ask for Divine guidance.  It is always available to you, but you                      must ask specifically for what you need.

Way #7Begin a yoga or meditation practice.  This is key to elevating                        your awareness and creating sustained change in all areas of                        your life including your business and ability to make money.

Way #8Breathe mindfully and allow your body to feel, knowing that                        your mind is free to rest within the breath.  In your greatest                        times of need, using breath as a tool to train your mind will help                  stop any downward spirals you may find yourself in.

Each of “The Eight Ways” can support you on its own and of course using two or more simultaneously can really bring about transformation and support you when you need it most.

If you feel overwhelmed and are not sure which to use first, always go to the breath.  Breath helps you cope, heal and find lasting comfort and peace, allowing you to move forward and create a life beyond your wildest dreams!

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Dirty Food and What It Does To Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Your body is the temple in which God has given to you and to me to make our way in this ever expanding Universe.  Everything we take in can have either a negative, positive or neutral effect on us.

To serve your greatest purpose, your body and mind need to be strong so that Spirit can work through you.  Even if you are not “spiritual” this philosophy still holds true.  Without a strong body and sound mind, your life will not be lived to the fullest.

Below are four of twelve of the worse additives and preservatives you can consume.  All you need to do is choose differently to ensure a long and happy life!

Packaged and processed foods get many people through the day.  They’re convenient and portable and stay fresh a very long time because of the preservatives.

Additives and preservatives may make it easier for you to eat on the run or when you’re in a hurry but there’s a high price to pay that includes side effects, allergies, weight gain, decreased absorption of minerals and vitamins and other diseases such as cancer, fibromyalgia, depression and more.

Below are four detrimental food additives and substances you can eat in no particular order.



Artificial Sweeteners are a combination of chemicals that exist to make our foods sweeter without the calories of sugar.  Artificial sweeteners have been linked to over 90 negative side effects and can have potent effects on nerve cells.



Regined Sugar  can be found in almost all processed foods, unless they say “sugar’free”.  Eating too much sugar corresponds with elevated insulin levels which can cause weight gain, bloating, fatigue, arthritis, migraines, lowered immune function, obesity, cavities and cardiovascular disease.  It can also disrupt absorption of nutrients, possibly leading to osteoporosis, depression, PMS symptoms and stress.



Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is an excitotoxin used to bring out the flavor in foods.  According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, an author and neurosurgeon, excitotoxins can cause sensitive neurons to die.  You may experience side effects like headaches, itchy skin, dizziness, digestive and circulatory or coronary concerns.



BHA and BHT block the process of oil rancidity.  These additives affect sleep and appetite and have been associated with liver and kidney damage, hair loss, behavior problems, cancer, fetal abnormalities and growth retardation.  (AND I HAVE FOUND THIS ADDITIVE IN SNICKERS BARS!)


Eating foods that contain these substances can be easily avoided by reading package labels, choosing a slightly higher quality food (because you’re actually worth it), or not eating that item all together!

Whatever we take into our bodies has an effect on our mind and ultimately our spirit.  In order to put our best foot forward and serve our purpose we need nourishing, whole and chemical free food!

If you need help in this area, contact me or enroll in the next

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