The THREE Reasons We Get Sick & Why It’s a Good Sign

Do you become upset when you get sick or begin to feel ill?

Ever get headaches, migraines, upset stomach or depression?  Or how about debilitating backaches, panic attacks or even cancer?  I personally have suffered with all of these except cancer and what I’ve discovered is something very interesting.

Disease comes from just one of three places.  Yup.  That’s right.  In most cases, if we honestly think about our steps leading up to an illness, we can pinpoint where or why we began to feel sick.

For example, when I was a young child my parents took me with them everywhere.  Shopping, siblings sporting events, church functions, to visit family and so much more.  And at least a few times per month (if not more) I would get sick.

I started with a stomach ache followed by other symptoms depending upon how exhausted I had become.

To this day, if I do too much stuff I get run down.  Now I realize you may not have the same experience.  And for this I am so very happy.  This is because each body is different.  Some people can tolerate more activity because they have a stronger energy field or genetic makeup.

For people like me who are incredibly intuitive and operate as empaths’, we must be mindful and protective of our energy staying in balance and maintaining our centers.

But let me get back to my original concept that sickness is a good sign and that it originates from one to three places.

Now before you start to argue with me I’d like you to just read without judgment.  And by the end of this post I think you’ll see why sickness is a sign that holds the power to support your Soul’s highest purpose helping to get your body and mind well again.

So, why do we get sick?  The answer is quite simple.

It’s because something we’ve done on some level created an imbalance.  Eating or drinking things that are not good for us or eating too much of something is the first and most obvious culprit.  (It’s the easy one to figure out but probably the hardest to change.)


Before I share with you the other two reasons for getting sick, I’d like you to think of the most joyful time of your life.  See it in your minds eye and notice how your body feels.  Now imagine if you walked around feeling that way each and every day!  I’ve actually done this and I can tell you it creates a very magical way of living.

This vibrational energy is pure potential and I want you to remember this.

Now let’s take a very brief moment to think of the worst thing that could happen to you or a loved one.  STOP.  Notice how your energy just dropped.  Maybe you even feel sick or depressed in this very moment.  This is because your vibration shifted into a zone where sickness is more apt to begin.

Before I tell you the third reason we get sick let me recap.

Food is probably the number one reason we get sick.  Second, our thoughts make us sick as well by changing our vibration to either support our health or hinder it.

The third reason we get sick is probably my favorite and the most powerful one.

Here it is:  Your SOUL is trying to communicate with you.

I know there’s alot of research to backup my first two reasons.  The third is a bit more controversial.  Here’s my reasoning for why illness could be a sign that your Soul is trying to communicate with you.

Your Soul is housed within your body.  It is tied and intertwined to forces that go beyond most people’s ability to comprehend.  When we are on the wrong path, our Soul will do what it must to get our attention.  And this includes sickness.

The bottom line is this:  When you begin to feel ill look at what you’re eating, what you’re thinking and if you’re living the life God, Spirit or the Universe has planned for you.

And when you aren’t able to do this on your own, seek guidance from someone you trust who has the ability to guide you.

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