How to Allow Divine Guidance Into Your Life & Get The Solutions You Need Instantly!

Teaching people new concepts is one of my favorite things.  This is because I love to entertain and to do this I use the power of story.

The following is an excerpt from one of my books.  It’s a story about my relationship to food.  More importantly, it illustrates how Spirit and Spirit communication takes place in my life giving me the direction I need to do my work and live happily in a world that, at times, can seem so very cruel and unkind.

And I’m quite sure it will work for you too!

“Intentional Transformation & Your Power to Be Free”

It was July of 2012, and I had a workshop to write.  “The Spirituality of Food” was the topic.  The entire outline of the workshop was channeled to me from Spirit the summer before I even knew what channeling was.

I loved giving presentations, but since the brain injury I had struggled with putting things together in a logical, linear way.  “Why did I sign up to give this talk?”  I wondered.

I had no idea how to begin.  In my bulimic days I’d simply run to food to calm my fears, and eventually purge to give that boost of endorphins I deeply needed to proceed.

But with those days over I needed to find a new way.  I gathered information and tried putting it together.  That didn’t work, and besides, I wasn’t even sure what I was supposed to be writing about!

The harder I tried to logically organize and linearly create my workshop, the more impossible the task became.

I was hugely confused!

I looked at the outline over and over again.  My heart told me I was being divinely guided to share how I had overcome many life obstacles, not just bulimia and emotional eating.  But I lacked clear insight into how I achieved these things.

So what I did was lay in bed ready to set my intention for the day.  I let my heart speak.  “I intend to allow Spirit to show me how to begin creating my presentation.”  And by the time my toes touched the floor I saw a pyramid.

Intrigued, I hurried to my computer and learned some fascinating bits of ancient information.  As I explored the secrets of the Great Pyramid, I discovered the golden ratio.


The golden ratio is a symbol of balance and harmony between moderation and excess.  This ratio is present through all of nature.  As I dug deeper I found the spiral of nourishment, which, like the pyramids, is based on the golden ratio.

Uncovering this information helped me realize that the very things I was doing to improve my health were based on the golden ratio and the spiral of nourishment.

The secret of the spiral lies in the ratio of what we need to consume to create health and vitality.

Two key ingredients in the spiral, which mainstream medicine seldom mentions, are air (section labeled 34) and water (section labeled 21).

By assigning elements to portions of the spiral it is easy to see how proper nutrition is crucial to the human body.

Air is the first and most important element and it occupies the largest part of the spiral.  Water is the next element and occupies the second largest box.  (The other sections of the spiral are home to elements such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats and a few other things.)

Breath establishes life, and without it life ends.  You can only go a few minutes without breath and not more than a day or two without water.

Focused, intentional breathing and plentiful, pure water made it easier for me to reprogram my mind, release limiting beliefs, manage my pain, and choose to consume things that truly nourished me on all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, and mental.

What I ate mattered.

And what you eat matters too!

Eating organic, clean foods 90 percent of the time helped me transform my mind and body, igniting my intuition quickly.  Why I had eaten with reckless abandon was more difficult to figure out, but obviously not impossible.  I viewed my recovery as a process, not an event.  A journey to allow myself to be free!


I realize you’re probably wondering exactly how this process of letting Spirit speak to really works.  And I want you to know it’s easier than you think and extremely simple!

This is what you do:    ASK for what you need.

Yes it’s that easy.  You see, most people don’t realize that it’s in the energy of asking by simply setting daily intentions that can bring you what you need.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Try it for yourself.  Tomorrow morning before you step out of bed, set a simple intention.  Let it come from your heart.  It will flow freely.  Write it down and then be mindful of it throughout the day.

I promise, your life will begin to shift and answers you need will come instantly.

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