“The Eight Ways” to Get Unstuck & Live an Intentional Life

You may not know this, but I used to be unbelievably BULIMIC!  It began at age 14 and did not end until I went to rehab at age 37!

Yes, that’s right. TWENTY-THREE years of vomiting sometimes up to eight times per day.

I was very unhealthy.  There are many reasons for it.  Upbringing.

Serotonin deficiency.

Depression.  Food allergies.

Cultural things.

And the biggest reason:     FEAR!


Luckily, several things saved me from almost killing myself from the effects of this incredibly debilitating disease and way of living.

For me, writing was the biggest thing that brought me relief and gave me great insight.

So today I want to tell you two things.

First,  what my definition of bulimia is.

Secondly, my tools aka “The Eight Ways” I used to get unstuck so I could continue making my dreams come true!

And when I say “making my dreams come true I mean traveling to Caribbean islands many times per year since my bulimia recovery and having the freedom to do what I truly love!

So here goes.

Don’t worry this isn’t that long and it’s not rocket science either.  Just some simple things that came to me during enlightening times.

The DSM-IV has a very clinical explanation of bulimia.  I’m not even going there although I do have a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling & Education.

Mine makes much more sense and guarantees that once understood, anyone can use it as a way to make unbelievable and powerful change in their life.

Bulimia is this:  

Bulimia Redefined

Based on my definition I think you can agree that most of us are at least a little bit bulimic.

If you are an entrepreneur, author or coach of some sort, then I’m sure you’ve felt stuck and had beliefs creep up on you that do not serve your purpose and limit your ability to live life on your terms or even bring in money.  (You know that green stuff we all need to pay the bills and go to fun places with?)

This brings me to my second point:  “The Eight Ways” to getting unstuck.

But before I give them to you I want to say something.

The world is a very changing place right now.  More people are beginning to meditate and yoga is becoming commonplace.

Thoughts can become things and we are able to manifest stuff at a much faster pace than ever before.  Because of this we must all be very careful with what we hold in our minds.

You see thoughts create feelings.

Feelings create actions.

Beliefs lead to behaviors.

And behaviors can be very hard to change.  I can attest to that for sure!  T

here were so many days I’d proclaim I’d do something different like not throw up or eat tons of sweets or make a necessary phone call for my nutrition business.

Yet, I failed miserably.  Until I discovered

“The Eight Ways”

They came to me in my darkest time of need by being very present and doing the following things:

Way #1Do not let problems define you.  This will only keep you stuck.                     Instead, take a wider perspective that will allow you to become                     aware of the vast array of opportunities that every challenging                     behavior or situation presents.

Way #2 Begin expressing gratitude for something or someone regularly.                  This will enhance your connection to God or the Universal                            Source.

Way #3 Set daily intentions.  They are powerful beyond belief.  I am                          living proof.

Way #4Explore organic and whole-food options.  Eating foods that have                  only five ingredients or less will shift your vibration and create                    vibrant health.  This will change your life in magical ways.

Way #5 Listen to your heart.  It knows your truest desires and rarely                        leads you astray.

Way #6Ask for Divine guidance.  It is always available to you, but you                      must ask specifically for what you need.

Way #7Begin a yoga or meditation practice.  This is key to elevating                        your awareness and creating sustained change in all areas of                        your life including your business and ability to make money.

Way #8Breathe mindfully and allow your body to feel, knowing that                        your mind is free to rest within the breath.  In your greatest                        times of need, using breath as a tool to train your mind will help                  stop any downward spirals you may find yourself in.

Each of “The Eight Ways” can support you on its own and of course using two or more simultaneously can really bring about transformation and support you when you need it most.

If you feel overwhelmed and are not sure which to use first, always go to the breath.  Breath helps you cope, heal and find lasting comfort and peace, allowing you to move forward and create a life beyond your wildest dreams!

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