The Law of Attraction: Why It Isn’t Working for You & What You Can Do

For years there’s been talk and lots written about The Law of Attraction.  I became aware of it way back in 2003 before I went to rehab for bulimia.

Basically the law states that like attracts like so if you want something you must vibrate at the level of your desire.

Sometimes, when I applied this magical law, I got what I wanted.

For example, I wanted more money and that happened easily.  I wanted to be an International Best-Selling author and that came quickly as well.

But when it came to attracting things that I had very little exposure to or experience with, like an all expense paid trip to Belize or a relationship that was very different from my past ones, it was more difficult.

I felt as if what I truly wanted was never going to come.  (HINT: THIS is the issue)

Perhaps you’ve experienced this too.

Some things come easily to you while others are more difficult.

There are THREE KEY THINGS that make it difficult to attract what you want.


KEY #1 ENERGY – The thing that stops you from attracting what you want is your own energy.  Yup.  You see, you must energetically be in alignment to have that which you desire.  If you’re’ not, it’s just not gonna come.  The solution is to up level your life and your energy.

KEY #2 DISCONNECTION – The thing that stops you from attracting what you want is disconnection. Disconnection comes when our thoughts negatively impact our body and as a result we have energy that is stuck or trapped within us.  The solution is to keep your body and mind clear and open energetically.

KEY #3 LACK OF ALIGNMENT – The thing that stops you from manifesting what you desire is that it’s simply not in your highest and best interest to have the object you desire.  If what you want is not in alignment with what’s best for you, it will not be manifested through the law of attraction.  This has to do with forces greater than ourselves and if this keeps happening over and over in your life, it’s time to examine your purpose and what your mission is.

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