Easter as a Spiritual Practice: What You Can Do Daily

I grew up extreme Catholic.  My brothers and I went to mass Monday through Friday at 7am and of course, every Sunday!

Alot of good things came from having to maintain this practice but at the time I had no clue what we were supposed to be doing at church.

This is because they didn’t really teach this in church.  Back then, most everything was about being obedient and following the rules.  (Which is a great way to create rule-breakers.)

Once I broke away from that I was able to see things differently.  You see, I did not understand the spiritual meaning behind most of what I was taught.  I just didn’t and that’s because of two things.

The first is that religion is not explained based on a spiritual level.  And in some strange way I guess I knew that at a very young age.  The focus seemed to be largely on sins and asking for forgiveness.  As a young child, this made no sense.

Secondly, I lacked a well-rounded spiritual mentor and someone who could talk to me about all the questions I had.

Oh, I had plenty of teachers including priests, nuns and religious leaders. But they were not versed in spiritual concepts.

So I decided to explain, very simply, the metaphysical meaning of Easter and how you can use it as a daily spiritual practice or self empowerment tool.  You see, beyond religious dogma is a deeper meaning.

Rebirth is the theme behind MANY religions that celebrate the resurrection mythology.

Symbolically Easter is the process of dying of the old self and being reborn.

Easter gives us an opportunity to re-examine our current state of being and then to decide how we would like to evolve and begin living in a new way.

As a child I guess I truly knew we could be reborn everyday.  Church leaders focused on this concept of rebirth mainly during Easter.  And this, along with chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs, really did confuse me.

For you, my readers I’d like to give you a simple practice you can do daily or weekly to help you benefit from the resurrection mythology (aka Easter.)

It’s called “Let Go & Open Up.”

How to Let Go & Open Up

First, let go of something everyday.  This could be a story, a mindset, or a habit that does not serve your highest and best good.  You can write it down, put it in a box and even bury it!

Second, notice how you feel having let go of what no longer serves you and allow yourself to open to a new state of consciousness and state of being.

You see, THIS is the true rebirth.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Each night, when I go to sleep, I die.  And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.”

I invite you to do the same.

The Principle of Little and How It Will Help You Greatly!

Last year during a visit to the Sivananda Yoga Ashram I was introduced to a really neat concept.  

It’s called “The Principle of Little.”

It was 7:30AM and there I was sitting in lotus position at the Temple where morning and evening meditations take place.  I was kind of tired because my body had not adjusted to Ashram life.  It typically took me three days to get into the rigid spiritual routine and this was just day two.

Once our meditation and Sanskrit chants were complete, we had a brief talk typically given by the Swami.

Soft spoken, kind and somewhat shy this guy said, “We do too much in life.”

“Yup!” I could not agree more completely.

But then next he said, “We all have a mission and it’s a BIG ONE.”

WHAT?  I thought.  Didn’t he just say we all do too much in life?

Saying these two statements one after another shocked me.  I wasn’t sure what he meant or what he was trying to explain.

All I could think was, “Oh My GOD it’s only 7:30AM on my second day and I’m in overwhelm mode trying to figure this sh*t out.”

Quickly I returned to my breath, relaxed my shoulders and knew there was nothing for me to get upset about.

What he said next explained it all.  I got it.  It clicked!

“In life,” Swami explained, “in the developed nations we live in excess.  Big meals.  Long days.  Too much sleep.  Too little sleep.  Too much work.  Too little work.  Even too much vacation for some of us!  (That might be me recently)

The issue with this is none of it is sustainable over time.  And things like too much food and too much work can lead to serious illness.

The solution he suggested is this:

  1. Do a little exercise
  2. Do a little breathing
  3. Do a little work
  4. Do a little meditation
  5. Eat a little meal
  6. Get a little sleep

Interestingly, life at the Ashram was based on this concept and it’s PRECISELY why my body, mind and Spirit felt so unbelievably happy, satisfied and vibrant.

So the next time you find yourself feeling off center or getting sick, look back and re-examine where you may have overdone something in any area of your life.

Then go back to practicing The Principle of Little.

Need help in some area of your life?  Get unstuck today.  Live with crystal clear clarity.  Find out what needs to shift so you can get back to living.

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The Law of Attraction: Why It Isn’t Working for You & What You Can Do

For years there’s been talk and lots written about The Law of Attraction.  I became aware of it way back in 2003 before I went to rehab for bulimia.

Basically the law states that like attracts like so if you want something you must vibrate at the level of your desire.

Sometimes, when I applied this magical law, I got what I wanted.

For example, I wanted more money and that happened easily.  I wanted to be an International Best-Selling author and that came quickly as well.

But when it came to attracting things that I had very little exposure to or experience with, like an all expense paid trip to Belize or a relationship that was very different from my past ones, it was more difficult.

I felt as if what I truly wanted was never going to come.  (HINT: THIS is the issue)

Perhaps you’ve experienced this too.

Some things come easily to you while others are more difficult.

There are THREE KEY THINGS that make it difficult to attract what you want.


KEY #1 ENERGY – The thing that stops you from attracting what you want is your own energy.  Yup.  You see, you must energetically be in alignment to have that which you desire.  If you’re’ not, it’s just not gonna come.  The solution is to up level your life and your energy.

KEY #2 DISCONNECTION – The thing that stops you from attracting what you want is disconnection. Disconnection comes when our thoughts negatively impact our body and as a result we have energy that is stuck or trapped within us.  The solution is to keep your body and mind clear and open energetically.

KEY #3 LACK OF ALIGNMENT – The thing that stops you from manifesting what you desire is that it’s simply not in your highest and best interest to have the object you desire.  If what you want is not in alignment with what’s best for you, it will not be manifested through the law of attraction.  This has to do with forces greater than ourselves and if this keeps happening over and over in your life, it’s time to examine your purpose and what your mission is.

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