How to Get Unstuck: My Three Step Intuitive Process That Guarantees Relief

We are living during interesting and sometimes tumultuous circumstances.  All you need to do is look around and you’ll see unprecedented political issues, long time friendships ending over strong opinions about the recent presidential election, and people rioting in the streets.

The old ways of solving problems are history.  Logical and linear thinking is not serving the purpose it once did.  And yet we still need relief!

So what’s a person to do when answers are deeply needed?

Well, the solution is SIMPLE but not easy.

And it’s this ~~~~~~~  Call upon your INTUITION !

Now I realize many of you think you either aren’t intuitive or you’ve lost touch with this innate way of overcoming challenges and are left wondering :

“What the heck do I do now when nothing seems to help me?”

Next time you feel this way I invite you to call upon this three-step intuitive system.  I promise you can have instantaneous relief!


1 – Come into the present moment

2 – Make a third eye inquiry

3- Listen with your heart

Let me explain each step in the simplest way and here’s a sketch for you.


First, to come into the present moment you’ll need to simply breathe, relax and let go of all thoughts about the past or the future and allow yourself to feel your body and naturally BE with whatever is happening in the moment.  With practice this becomes very easy.


Moving onto the “third eye inquiry” step…for those of you who know nothing about this magical mystical energy center, please don’t be alarmed.  It’s actually easier to use your third eye than your eye sight.  All you need to do is close your eyes and then bring your focus to the spot that exists above the bridge of your nose.  (It’s that area between where your eyebrows would meet if you grew a unibrow!)  NOW hold your focus gently on that spot AND BE PRESENT.


The final step is to listen with your heart.  If you’re confused then do this. First, bring your attention to your ears and notice how it feels to sense things with your hearing ability.  Now take a breath.  Forget about your ears for now.  And let your heart begin to soften.  Imagine using your heart to communicate with.  Visualize your heart reaching out to hear and feel what is happening around it.


Now I realize this new way of problem solving will seem difficult at first. But with a little practice and patience I guarantee you’ll call upon this system naturally and wonder how you ever got along without it!

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